Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten TV Shows of 2013...

Top Ten TV Shows of 2013...

I have some 59 shows in my TiVo's Season Pass settings, and most of them are shows I'd like to watch, for story, characters, and to find out what comes next. I try not to be a junkie but I watch probably more TV than many people. At least, I skip commercials to cut down the time watching. But, it's my main source of entertainment, diversion, and favorite relaxing things to do --along with reading books. For 2013, here's the shows I most enjoyed, some new, some old favorites. In no particular order...

1) Game of Thrones -- HBO

2) Mad Men - AMC

3) The Walking Dead - AMC

4) Revolution - NBC

5) The Blacklist - NBC

6) Sherlock - PBS

7) Downton Abbey - PBS

8) Masters of Sex - SHO

9) Person of Interest - CBS

10) Elementary - CBS

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